Arch Support braces straps relieve the pain of plantar fasciitis by providing upward compression to the plantar fascia and consistently supporting the arch of the foot. Foot arch support brace straps can be worn either with or without shoes, though narrow or excessively shallow shoes may be too tight. Supporting the arch of the foot is crucial to comfort while walking, standing, or doing virtually anything active. KURU has developed a completely ergonomic shoe that actually contours to the shape of your foot. The shoes provide sufficient arch & heel support that avoids development of plantar fascitis, since I'm flat-footed and I work on my feet for a living (massage therapist).

I now work 3 days in a row before I even begin to feel sore and when I do feel sore its in my arches not my heel.
Every KURU shoe is built with a foam sockliner and anatomical footbed that shapes to your individual foot for personalized comfort.
The custom formed orthotic provides multi-layered support and cushioning for your entire foot, and incredible flat feet arch support. More of our customers agree that KURU shoes are supremely comfortable and supportive and have helped improve foot health.
KURU shoes are stylish and versatile shoes you can wear to work, on a day hike, and during your next vacation travels with comfort and ease.

They are the ideal solution for those with flat feet, rigid steps, high, weak and fallen arches, providing an advanced cushioning support for your arch, thus ensuring maximum relief from foot strain, tired and aching feet. KURU shoes give you the benefit of orthopedic quality support with amazing style and versatility.

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