Since shoes are an expensive investment, it’s important to learn how to take care of your sneakers so that hey would last long. Begin by snipping away any frayed stitching around the base of the shoe with a small nail scissor.
Keeping an eye on new releases is not the only thing a sneakerhead should do, we need to know how to clean and repair shoe soles. If you are a true sneaker person, you know well how to keep your shoe soles clean and that shows how you preserve your collection to date. There are factors and elements that make shoe soles prone to wear and tear but the following tips will guide you on how to clean and repair shoe soles in easy and convenient way.

When the original sole is torned, first mark and sand the bottom then install the protective sole followed by brushing the entire sole including the upper using natural horse hair. To clean an icy sole, it is necessary to have the complete set of materials such as toothbrushes, liquid soap, cup of water, and bleaching agent (Clorox can be). If the sole of your shoe has begun to separate, it makes more sense to repair the shoe than to replace it. If you liked this Featured Shoes: How to Clean & Repair Shoe Soles Sneakers article, add our RSS Feed to stay on top of Sneaker News! Apply generous amount of liquid soap on the sole, dip the brush in the water and scrub the sole.

Some types of glue, on the other hand, typically aren’t effective for repairing shoe soles.

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