Shoe shopping NYC can be an exciting and fun adventure with a wonderful shoe store experience within walking distance of most New York City abodes. In this time of the year in New York every one is looking for a new summer pair of shoes to show of their perfect feet, so here is the Top 10 Shoe Shopping Store of NYC, so you can find your new pair.
Leffot sells hip but sturdy men’s shoes from brands like Alden and Wolverine under the watchful eye of owner Steven Taffel, who seems to know everything there is to know about men’s footwear. In New York City, where fashion is eyed by all the world, you will find shoe stores catering to special styles and wants. In Manhattan, where fashion is eyed by all the world, you will find shoe stores catering to special styles and wants. Whether looking for the perfect pair of shoes for a special event or fashion forward boots to add to the fall wardrobe, the Big Apple has stores galore for shoe fashionistas to delight in.

Cydwoq is the perfect shoe store when searching for a unique pair of shoes to match an individual mode of fashion. To find shoes that are man enough to take your 8am to 8pm—or wild enough to turn your 11pm into 5am—is no small feat (pun narrowly avoided). Inspired by architecture, his shoes are artful and confident—but make no mistake, these heels are sexy. Carrie Bradshaw of Sex in the City brought high-style shoe fashion into the vogue of living the New York City lifestyle. As founder of Belgian Shoes, Bendel has created a unique high-style store to shop for the finest in footwear.
Emphasizing style and comfort, women will not find towering heels here but you will discover cool kitten heel styles in shoes, sandals, and boots as well as comfortable flats.

Belgian Shoes offers an amazing variety of uniquely designed women’s flats — the ultimate in style when strolling down the streets of New York. Making your shoes the star of your living space can be fun as well, whether having a closet to display your shoe shopping fashion finds, or placing shelves in plain site on the walls to display your unique boutique shoes as if works of sculptural art, of course that is when they are not being displayed on your very own feet.
As the Cydwoq website affirms, “Each shoe is cut from the fewest pieces possible of hand-tanned Italian leather and employs the least number of seams needed. Belgian Shoes are finally crafted by hand with the best of leather and workmanship that would be expected in a Henri Bendel brand.

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