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Generally babies have a flat foot but as we grow old our foot tends to arch in the midsection starting 3-4 years of age. The reason for rejecting flat footers in the Armed Forces is that, the Armed Forces require a high standard of physical fitness. Tooth(one tooth) cavity is acceptable in indian navy or any indian defence forces.kindly tell me.
About Uday Kumar (Founder)Uday Kumar is an ex-Naval officer in the Indian Navy and an Alumnus of the National Defence Academy. Improper arch support and misalignment of your heel and forefoot as you walk can result in heel and arch pain. I want to start this year's first post by telling you that I had to cut my nails shorter than they've been for .. Whether or not you were born with flat feet, it is advisable for everyone to wear shoes with insoles for flat feet.
Having flat feet is usually not painful, although when a person who has flat feet stands for long periods of time or overuse their feet, they may easily tire or experience some aching. Insoles for flat feet are helpful and provide many benefits for men, women and children alike. Many insoles for flat feet are available in shoe stores and online shoe shops, like Superfeet, Footminders and Footsmart.

The advertisements for applying in the armed forces indicates that candidates with a flat foot will not be selected. If you are able to stand comfortably on your toes with out any pain then may be you are not flat foot. But I have seen people claiming to get rid of flat foot by using a special kind of insole in thier shoes which is arched upwards in the middle. Uday now works full time to help aspirants to join the armed forces - Army, Navy and Air Force. He blogs about life at the Indian Navy, SSB Interviews and Joining Procedures in the armed forces. I have a PhD in Prosthetics and Orthotics and I have been working as a physician in Chicago for forty years. Flat feet are common in newborns, but as they grow older, the tendons holding the joints of the foot together supposedly form an arch. There is a solution to keep your feet comfortable especially when there are circumstances that require you to stay on your feet for a long time.
If you also find an arch on your midsection of your foot while standing on your toes then you do not have a flat foot at all.
They provide extra support for the arch and help correct alignment of the foot and ankle, thus providing comfort and relief for people who are on their feet all day. Shoe shopping for flat feet is quite disappointing, when your friends pick some of the sexiest pumps.

It feels like paradise, when I try to style my character, and happy for curvy legs, so that a ..
People suffering from joint pain are recommended to wear insoles for flat feet to minimize the pain.
If you are serious about joining the armed forces, you should at least check out his coaching program!
Also some people, later in life, may acquire an injury or disease that could harm to these tendons that cause them to have a flat foot.
When shopping for shoes, you can find a pair that already has insoles for flat feet or shoes that have room for detachable inserts.
Before buying, you can check out customer reviews for different brands to help you decide which insoles for flat feet are best suited for you.
Go and buy insoles for flat feet today to be able to walk with better balance, support and comfort. Let me also update some of the runners about the best outsoles.Start fishing out for #Trail shoes, if you’re a runner!

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