The goal of the orthotics would be to cause him discomfort when toe walking and ultimately keep him flat footed. As soon as we had the shoes with the orthotics on my son’s feet, he went right up on his toes, but also came right back down.
I would love for any other moms who have had concerns or treatment for their little toe walkers to share what has or has not worked for them in the comments section. Julie, the podiatrist said that they basically make it really uncomfortable on his feet when he goes up on his toes. I don’t know if you need a prescription but I believe you can get the inserts from this website.

He can walk normally if we tell him heels down so him toe walking is merely habit which our pediatrician recommended we break as soon as passionless so he does not have to end up getting castes, etc.
When she was growing up she walked completely on the very tip of her toes like a ballerina. I’m curious though about what the orthotic does that made your son not want to walk on his toes.
I bought her those tennis shoes that were popular for toning legs but not to tone her legs. Well my daughter was always one of the tallest girls in the class and she never stopped toe-walking.

Around 10-11 yrs old I was in physical therapy myself for an injury and I was asking if I could bring my daughter in to get some help with her toe-walking. She was over it quickly and I never thought much of it but the doctor said the toe-walkers usually do have some issues with speech.

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