1.If you have not satisfied as you received the item, please return it within 14 days for a replacement or money back. For any items delayed in the post we are required by Royal Mail to wait 15 working days before we can replace or refund. Each insert has a base layer 5 mm thick, along with 4 additional wedges, each 5mm high, giving a total possible height increase of 25mm.

We will not be responsible for any custom delay or tax, because transit time is highly depended and provided by postal Service.
When you are not satified, please contact us for return, we will try all the best to satify you. If the shoes or shoes wear foot slide, plinth, playing feet , shoes pointed toe clip , it can help you up .Effectively stop friction between foot instep and sandal belt.

Horseshoe foot pads
Dr.scholl's athlete's foot spray powder
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