Our popular "Shiatsu"Acupressure Insoles combine acupressure, reflexology and magnet therapy, providing gentle and effective stimulation to the feet. Give yourself a boost!These original reflex-zone insoles gently massage the pressure points of the ...
Pressure point insoles
A shoe insert is a detachable insole that is placed inside of shoes to support and align the foot. Many company are available in the market, they produces the variety of arch supports and shoe inserts that can help to decrease pronation and give addi...
Shoe inserts for arch support reviews
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The way the foot hits the ground, how you follow through on a step, and the shoes you wear can cause a back problem or make an existing back problem worse. We are well aware of the power of shoe inserts and the huge positive impact it can make on you...
Shoe inserts for flat feet reviews

What causes foot pain and burning
Fix Your Feet Treatment: Corns are esthetically embarrassing and ugly deformities, which often causes patients to hide their feet and limit the shoes they want to wear. We surgically remove the bony prominences of the corn which will provide you with...
Corn removal foot surgery pictures
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Heel cups amazon

Custom foot insoles singapore

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