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Also known as athlete's foot, this fungal infection thrives in warm, moist environments such as sweaty shoes and shower floors. Consistently high blood sugars, as in poorly controlled diabetes, may cause the eruption of blisters on the feet and toes.
Feet Feelings' Blister Care and Prevention Kit helps kick the potential for developing harsh blisters that can make wearing your high heals painful and miserable.
The blister care and prevention products included in this kit are designed to stick anywhere on the inside of your heals so you can have all day comfort. Our kit is designed to help prevent blisters, so it is recommended that the silicone inserts are placed in your heals where excessive friction may occur between your foot and the material of your shoe.

The soft gel will help alleviate and prevent future blisters from forming on soft, delicate feet. Blisters may be caused by disease conditions, injuries or contact dermatitis such as poison ivy.
Symptoms include odor, redness, itching and blisters, most often between the toes and on the bottoms of the feet. If blisters on the foot are painful and interfere with walking, they may be punctured and drained, using sterile technique.
Walking long distances without shoes may cause the bottoms of the feet to become blistered from wear, rough surfaces or extreme temperatures.

The rash and other symptoms clear up without treatment in seven to 10 days, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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