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I had a blister on the ball of my foot so I compensated by running on the outer edge I guess. The support this gave to my arches and feet took a lot of strain off of areas if my foot not built for straining. Consulting Dr Google with the search term "pain on outside bottom of foot" brought me to this post.

The next day I did my usual 3 mile recovery run and I was sore all over so I just went with it.
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The gal sold me the most expensive shoe in the place, said it was the best running shoe out there, Asics Gel Nimbus, IIRC. I took Alieve--1 every 24 hours--for 5 days to keep ahead of the inflammation (even though it wasn't swollen but there must have been something going on in there).

Feet have been fine now since 2007 (except for the &%^% abcess I just had drained yesterday).

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