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Most commonly the site of the pain is in the mid-point of the tendon (approximately 4cm above the heel), however it can affect the area where the tendon attaches onto the heel bone.
Often one of the easier ways to determine if pain in the front of the foot is as a result of a Morton’s neuroma is to ask whether the pain is better or worse when wearing footwear. This rubbing can lead to further thickening of the bone (hypertrophy) and this enlargement of the joint leads to even more rubbing on the footwear.
Often, in cases of Morton’s neuroma, the affected person feels much better when footwear (typically tight fitting) is removed.

In these cases, the compression of the nerve caused by squeezing the foot into a tight shoe makes the pain much worse.
Plantar fasciitis is most painful in the morning upon first arising out of bed, or after periods of rest. Depending on the underlying cause, a patient may feel either more or less pain when wearing footwear. In chronic cases, the pain may last throughout the day as a dull ache, however the most intense pain will remain following rest.

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