A neuroma, an inflamed nerve in the ball of the foot, can also cause pain under the 2nd toe joint.
A hammertoe can cause retrograde force on the metatarsal head, increasing the pressure under the ball of the foot and causing dull achy pain with walking. The most common cause of pain under the 2nd toe joint (2nd metatarsal phalangeal joint) is 2nd metatarsal overload syndrome.
If I had insurance, I would have went to the doctor because I have never had a problem so I wondered what it could have been.

This is an overuse injury and a result of abnormal foot mechanics placing excess stress on the ball of the foot, causing small tears in the joint capsule which result in inflammation and pain. When I apply pressure in the area at the base of that toe, it feels as if it is bruised, but no bruise is there.
Pain is generally deep and dull, or sharp with weight bearing, tender with pressure and relieved with rest. It is common to have pain when first stepping down in the morning or stepping down after long periods of rest.

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