Scholl Shoes Warehouse Sale 2013 will be happening from 30 Nov to 1 Dec 2013 at DKSH Jalan Universiti Petaling Jaya. Scholl has been looking after feet for over 100 years, ever since the company’s founder, Dr William Mathias Scholl, made it his life-long mission to improve the health, comfort and well-being of people through their feet. With our long heritage in footcare and a sponsors of UK Athletics, we’re keen to ensure Scholl users get the best from our products. That said, I’m very happy with my RM25 sandals… not only was it cheap, but it was also BLACK (a color that is next to impossible to find in shoe warehouse sales) and its still shiny!

Scholl is dedicated to developing products that aid, nurture, pamper and care for your feet. Bought this super comfy scholl leather slip-on sneakers for RM120 and probably the best purchase for me was a pair of scholl sandals that was selling for RM40 a pair, buy 2 for RM50. I was so happy that when we went to the Hush Puppies sale after that, I didnt even bother looking for shoes anymore… Just helped hubby pick a few footwear and left. I must say she is the best Scholl salesperson there coz the rest looked burnt out and was super rude..

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