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Scholl medial arch support,comfort insoles for flats,how to heal blisters fast - And More

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They're designed to absorb shock and support your arch — so you experience immediate and all-day arch pain relief. I realized a couple weeks ago that I am still using those same, old arch supports in one pair of shoes that I only wear once or twice a week.
On the advice of a friend, I purchased your massaging gel arch supports and I feel like I have new feet!!

I can really tell a difference with the amount of support that I am getting and my lower body is feeling better. HOWEVER, the support will slip to the front of my shoe and I am frequently pulling off my shoe to adjust the insert, otherwise it is uncomfortable and makes it difficult to walk (not painful, just feels like I am using more energy than usual). The thing that really struck me when I went to put on those shoes and realized I was still using those old arch supports was, that I am now 64 years old.

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