Dual density heel cups providing maximum support and shock absorption, using two densities of silicone. Heel cups are universally recognized and accepted by the medical community, silicone being considered the traditional high quality material for skin contact due to its proven performance and familiarity. Heel cups gel protection, gives superior shock absorption to reduce foot pain and foot fatigue and the heel cups will not deform or degrade with use. Our heel gel pads help to cushion and support the heel, helping protect it from shocks and relieves pressure from the heel that may cause aches, soreness,pain or injury.
There are numerous causes to heel pain, such as being on your feet all day allowing pressure to build up under your heel. Plantar fasciitis is a fairly common injury in sports but you don’t need to be into sports to develop this painful condition. Plantar fasciitis isn’t the only reason for heel pain as another common cause is Achilles tendinitis!
It often can be hard to avoid the shocks and pressures of everyday life but our heel pads can help!

Made from gel the gel heel cushions and protects the feet from damage and by using orthopaedic technology to spread pressure and make sure that your feet stay pain free! Added with support and designed to cup around your feet and spread pressure evenly these heel cups and perfect! Along with Achilles stretching exercises to help strengthen and improve flexibility, the heel pads and cups have been proven to help with the pain symptoms. Simple, affordable and highly effective – heel pads eliminate your pain caused by plantar fasciitis instantly. The heel cups are non allergenic and dermatologist tested, providing flexibility and conforming to bony parts of the foot. Sometimes the causes could be due to certain injuries or conditions such as an inflamed Achilles tendon known as Achilles tendinitis or due to plantar fasciitis. Overuse of the feet such as being on your feet all day can inflame the plantar fascia which is connected to the achilles heel.
The Achilles tendon connects the heel bone to your calf muscles and helps with movement in the foot, from overuse or a sudden shock to the Achilles tendon can cause it to become inflamed and this is what is known as Achilles tendinitis.

They also cushion the heel and actively work to absorb shock that can damage your them and can help protect a injured or sensitive feet and help prevent heel pain.
Plantar fasciitis which is known to cause heel spurs can make the heel more sensitive to pressure and shocks resulting in pain on the heel. Cushioning the heel and protecting the feet from the build up of pressure can help heal plantar fasciitis and get you back on your feet again. Suffering from Achilles tendinitis will mean you Achilles tendon will be less able to take your weight and the pressure will cause heel pain.

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