The Scholl Orthaheel range of shoes and sandals have a built in orthotic (arch support) which helps to control the position of the feet and to reduce the amount of instability in the feet. Price: The 333 and 633 models retail for $183, making them some of the most expensive boots that Belleville makes, while the 633 ST is $5 more.
The lacing structure of the boot comes down further over the toe, allowing for a snug fit over the arch of the foot, and with long laces allows the boot to be easily unlaced to remove the foot without having to pull the laces out of the rings as with boots with shorter laces.
Above is a view inside the upper which is composed of a nylon fabric that is sweat-resistant while wicking moisture, as with the rest of the boot. Most hot weather boots aren’t going to be waterproof, but will offer some water resistance and usually a built-in drainage vents for water that does get into the boot.
Belleville’s Sabre 633 offers moisture-wicking, quick-drying lining inside the entirety of the boot. The aggressive design of the tread makes the boot quick to grip onto less-than-ideal terrain, but the teeth of the tread is not as deep as on other boots.
The TR336 boots that I received did not seem to come with an insole, or if they did were so cheap and inconsequential that I immediately threw them away.

Belleville’s insole is made of polyurethane at the bottom which grips the interior of the boot even in wet conditions. Arch flattening and instability can cause stress in the body leading to foot, leg and even the lower back aches and pains. They fit snugly and improve on the lacing design seen in the Guardian TR336 and similar boots. I found this to be a particular problem on Belleville’s 615 Waterproof Tactical Combat boot, which have shorter, waterproof laces and take a while to lace through the rings. This is where less-durable boots will wear-out quickest with a separation between the materials or external damage ripping apart the seam.
Waterproof boots will be fully sealed and most boots these days feature proprietary waterproofing material such as Gore-Tex. An additional layer of leather helps secure the Vibram sole to the heel, complete with the double-stitching we see everywhere else on the boot.
The Belleville-branded 633 assault boots did come with nice, removable insoles that are combat-ready.

Scholl’s gel insole for added heel comfort and superior support for people with high arches, such as myself. The TR336’s design has the leather come further up the front arch of the foot and I had problems with the boots wearing out where the boot creases when flexing. My movement speed was not hindered at all by the boots compared to regular shoes, whereas with heavier boots my walking or running speed tends to be reduced.
The top of the Belleville insoles are a fabric that is slick enough to get a foot into the shoe quickly, but not so slick that the foot slides around after the boot has been laced properly. The boots come complete with Belleville-branded, replaceable insoles which provide enough comfort out of the box that the boots don’t have a painful break-in period.
However most of Belleville’s boots, including their Tactical Research brand, are very comfortable even during the break-in period.

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