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Fourth, throw out whatever shoes you’re running in and get running shoes designed specifically for foot health! Here are running shoes that were designed either by a podiatrist or were designed specifically for runners with plantar fasciitis. When we first started researching running shoes for plantar fasciitis, three brands continually popped up: Saucony, New Balance and Brooks. Another great feature in Brooks running shoes in the Brooks DNA, which is two special cushioned insole inserts in the heel and forefoot.

At Runpals, we are dedicated to sorting through the best available models to create a comprehensive list of the best Brooks Running Shoes.
Also, for each shoe, we highlight features, pros, cons, and reviews from runners just like you.
However, we also started reading reviews of running shoes and when it came to foot comport and running with injuries, two other brands seemed to dominate: ECCO and ASICS.
Only the ones that were specifically mentioned as being excellent for plantar fasciitis or in the case of the ECCO and ASICS, had the highest five star reviews.

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