To understand what factors are causing the issue we need to know whether the pain is at the front, back, inside or outside of the knee. Depending where the knee pain is most acute, the name of the injury or issue can be very different, and be caused by very different factors.
If the pain is located on the outside of the knee then we are likely talking about Iliotibial band syndrome (ITB syndrome).The IT band is one of the many soft tissues around the knee that play a very important role in stabilising the knee.
The ITB is a tough fibrous tendon that runs from the top of the outside of the hip to below the outside of the knee.

Whenever your knee is bent and under load the ITB contracts and supports the knee.In simple terms, the ITB is there to assist with knee tracking.
If while you run the knee tracks inwards or outwards then the ITB has to work harder to keep the knee tracking straight ahead.
Shoes with not enough support can collapse inwards and initiate medial knee tracking issues.
Alternatively shoes with too much support can roll the foot outwards and initiate lateral knee tracking issues.

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