CurrexSole insoles have been designed by scientists and athletes who wanted an insole that they would wear themselves. Don’t let a niggle become a real pain with currexSole Natural Performance sport shoe and running insoles.
In my opinion the best aid to running on a daily basis over and above the choice of running shoe. The insoles provide excellent performance, are low in weight and provide outstanding comfort and breathability.

Reduce injury and increase comfort with the only sport shoe insoles that are designed specifically for different sports. They are available in three different arch heights - LOW, MED & HIGH and are available in a number of different models that include running, cycling, skiing, ball-sports and foot care.
No slipping inside the shoe, even with wet feet and also the currexSole insoles helped cure my plantar fasciitis within two weeks. Based on the foot type and foot size, the Dynamic Arch Cradle's flexibility is adjusted in order to get the maximum performance out of the insole.

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