Metatarsalgia can be described as a condition in which you experience pain in the balls of your foot or under your metatarsals.
If you have sensitive feet and want to try the best insoles there are, you`ve come to the right place, because these are the BEST!
I have been using these inserts for about 8 years now, and I truly don't think I could do without them, aside from getting professional orthotics made (very expensive). When I first used these insoles, I started walking and it made my foot sore, and my knees started popping. I ordered these for my husband, he's up on his feet alot and the insoles that come with his red wing boots are nothing more than a thin piece of rubber. Before using Red Wing Insoles, I couldn't walk 5 feet without experiencing unbearable foot and sole pain.

Podiapro’s orthoses for metatarsalgia correct over-pronation in the foot and also have soft medical grade poron under the metatarsals to offload weight from the region. I've only had them in for 2-3 days and they are defiantly better than before but is like to try them for a few more weeks for a good review.
These insoles really provide him with the arch support that he needs and just makes his boots even more comfortable. The first pair was prescribed by my podiatrist for tendonitis in my ankle area which was due to lack of arch support. If shoes allow, we also fit a metatarsal bar that further offloads weight from the metatarsal heads and brings relief from pain and allows for healing. My only "concern" with these insoles is that the high arch seems to take up a lot of room in my boot, which actually makes my boot fit better, but pretty snug and will require some breaking in.

Very durable (guaranteed for 2 years), unlike any of the big-name inserts you find in department stores or at the pharmacy. I am told that you should have a couple pair of shoes so that way they can completely dry for 24 hours.

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