The most important thing to look for when buying shoes for flat feet is the support they provide. It could be due to stuffing Nike trainers with two or three pairs for height increase and support, but it's not the same now. Right now I have inserts that I place in my shoes which is an easy way to add more support without spending a lot of extra money. The shoe should be professionally fitted, otherwise the benefits of additional support may be negated.
If the shoes are mainly for everyday activities, then a high level of arch support may not be so important; standard supportive shoes can be a good choice in this instance.

If you have severely pronating feet, custom made orthotics, or insoles, may be the best answer. Even if a shoe has a large amount of arch support, it may not provide adequate stability to the midsole if it is too large. Running shoes, however, need to provide a large amount of support and stability to the foot arch because this is a high impact activity with the potential to cause serious injury.
I began to get low arch, flat feet even though I always bought arch supports and sport feature support insoles. Motion control running shoes, which are specifically designed for severe overpronators, are expensive but come with the most built-in support.

Orthotics typically are combined with supportive shoes to stabilize the arch and reduce the negative effects of flat feet.

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