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Some runners have experienced pain in the bottom of their foot.┬áMetatarsalgia, or better know as the ball of the foot pain, is actually a common injury in runners. Having a lot┬ápressure on your forefoot can cause pain and inflammation in your metatarsals which is the long bones in the front of your feet, just below your toes. Morton’s neuroma- is an injury to the nerve between the toes, which causes thickening and pain. Using insoles in your shoes- Using some moleskin, or Metatarsalgia insoles will help absorb some shock when you run so your foot doesn’t receive all of the force. Over-the-counter pain reliever- Taking something like Advil, or Aleve can help ease the pain.

Get one of these toe separators(men asks your wives for it) and squeeze your toes together for 5 seconds and release, repeat 10-12 times. When your toes are squeezed together too often and for too long, the nerve that runs between your toes can swell and thicken. I have actually been bugged by some pain in my feet lately — likely need a new pair of shoes. This is something that is VERY important to ALL runners in order to lessen and remain injury free. My husband uses this app occasionally and helps ease the pain and along with ice helps with the recovery.

As a runner, I believe running in properly fitted shoes with good arch support and proper cushioning is extremely important.
I ran 4 miles last night, after a couple of weeks off and experienced the same pain all day. I have had foot surgery for bunion and hammer toe on the right foot and now have a non union (for 7 years) from that surgery.

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