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This remedy is for all you people out there who wish that they didn’t have emery boards for feet. The Avon Footworks Rough Skin Remover cream has fine, gritty particles to help smoothen dry, rough feet. Apply a generous amount of the Avon Footworks Rough Skin Remover cream onto the problem areas (dry skin, hardened heels, cracked heels, rough skin) of your feet. If you have really, really dry feet, I suggest that you do this exercise just before bed and apply some Vaseline petroleum jelly to your feet after applying the Nivea. To help your feet remain soft after using this remedy, always massage Nivea Creme into your feet after a bath and use footwear of some sort when walking on dusty surfaces.
You could add some conditioner, almond oil or olive oil to the foot soak to further soften the skin.

The directions tell you to use it on dry skin but I’ve found that this is not effective and can be rather harsh on the skin. However, if you already have relatively soft and smooth feet, I don’t recommend trying it out because it may be too harsh for skin that has no dead skin to slough off.
Brush them with a nail brush to remove any remaining dead skin and particles of the Avon Footworks cream. Feet that catch on the fabric of your bedsheet, feet that you are ashamed to show off in strappy sandals, feet that you want to cover up with socks and sneakers when you go to the beach. My method involves softening the skin first with a foot soak and then using the Avon sloughing cream. After using my remedy for dry, rough feet and cracked heels, you will confidently wear those strappy, sexy slingbacks that you’ve been avoiding, you will happily wear flipflops to the beach and play footsie with that special someone without giving him or her a shave in the wrong places ;-).

If the skin is actually broken and bleeding, the exfoliating particles from the scrub may get into the skin and irritate it.
As you massage and the cream starts to dry, the dry skin will start to fall off your feet in little shavings.
I know that lovingly massaging dead skin off your feet is not exactly what you have in mind when you see deep, ugly cracks in your heels. Keep massaging the feet all over the problem areas until the shavings have stopped falling.

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