I stumbled upon this product, and the funny thing is I don’t remember how it happened lol. I have had rough feet for as long as I can remember and thought there was nothing that I could do. I have always had a problem with callus on my feet, and have tried various products in my life , but until now I have been disapointed. At first I was like some of the reviewers, I thought I had wasted money on this product because I saw no peeling. On day 5 I noticed the top of my foot began to peel so I decided to assist the peeling by taking a foot bath on day 5 and began rubbing and peeling off the dead skin.
It doesn’t take away all of the callouses but a lot of dry skin did flake off after 5 days and my feet look great. If I haven’t made you gag enough today you can check out this link for further images (its for a foot peeling competition!). After seven days, the dead skin on the feet will naturally peel off, leaving behind soft, healthy, callus free feet. Each pack contains two specially designed booties per application and has a distinct advantage in the exfoliating process as the gel essence is softer than the liquid found in similar products. Woman Online Magazine is a lifestyle publication for women of South Africa to share their views - a one-stop online source for women who want the latest news, reviews and information.
After using the product for a couple of days, I thought that it didn’t work, but by day 3 the skin on my feet started peeling and exfoliating like crazy. This product does exactly what it claims to be able to do, and that is to remove dry skin and callus and leave your feet baby soft.

Since I turned 40 everything has dried up and this product does work the way it says it will. I have been wearing heels almost constantly for about 8 months so needless to say my feet have been taking a beating.
I followed directions… Day 1 nothing, Day 2 nothing, Day 3 a little dry maybe, Day 4 a tiny peely spot and dry feet. There is still a little dry skin left on the bottom of my feet which will be removed after my next treatment. Baby Foot’s gel-filled booties contain 17 different natural extracts that penetrate the dead skin cells and dissolve the Desmosomes (adhesive fibers) that are between those layers—allowing the peeling process to begin gently and naturally. After reading all the reviews, paying close attention to the reviews that weren’t so good.
It takes about a week for the entire process, and when it’s done, your feet are soft and smooth. I take pretty good care of my feet but the rubbing of different shoes has given me calluses. I am very happy about this product and plan on using this treatment every few months to get rid of any dead skin. The package states peeling lasts 2 to 7 days, but I guess it depends on the individual because my peeling lasted about 12 days, but worth it.
I also bought one for my wife and she was thrilled with the results and thought her feet looked way better than after expensive pedicures. I don’t know if the ingredients have changed, but because of my last treatment, would definitely not recommend this product.

This product worked for me with my troubled feet and I know it will work for you, whether you are a man or woman give it a try and feel the difference in your feet. I let my feet sit in the booties for about 15 min then I started rubbing my heels, the sides of my feet and under my toes, these are the areas that I have the most hard dry skin. It has been one week since I did the treatment and the calluses are almost completely gone and the skin hasn’t even finished peeling yet!!!!!!!!!
I do have to do a follow up treatment bc I had a lot of dead skin from over the years but it is worth it to finally have nice feet that pedicures couldnt even get close to.
If you have a loved one serving in our military, this is a product I would strongly advise them to use to reverse the damage that the combat boot does to their feet as far as causing callous’ and dry skin. This seemed to help because 4 days later my feet started peeling and now I really love my feet , they are soft and look great!
Even though I am now in love and would recommend Baby Foot to anyone, I would just like to warn everyone the peeling process is GROSS so be aware.
I have spent lots of money on creams and pedicures and this product was superior to any other treatment I have tried. I will be purchasing this product again to maintain my feet and I think I will purchase this for my husband also! This is a GREAT product I love it and I will definitely be getting some for gifts and for myself..

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