Even if using duct tape was considered by common people as an easy and costless method for getting rid of annoying warts in children, a recent research carried out by a team of scientists at the Maastricht University found that the all-purposes sticky fixer has no effect on the excrescences on the skin which are caused by a virus and most of the times cure on their own.
Presenting their findings in the Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine, Maatrischt University researchers pointed out the fact that warts are too much for a simple sticky duct tape, and they can only be removed by resorting to cryotherapy, by freezing off the warts, or by burning them off with high concentrations of salicylic acid. The study was conducted on 103 children with ages ranging between 4 to 12, all of them having warts on their skin.
Overall results of the study proved that only 16% of the participants in the duct tape intervention group had their warts removed by using the sticky fixer, as compared to 6% of their peers in the non-treatment group who resorted to the placebo.

The conclusions of the current trial were that sticky duct tape is no better than placebo when it comes to removing warts in school children: "We do not think that when subjected to firm investigation, the duct tape would do much better than placebo or better than other effective interventions," the team wrote. The 51 children in the treatment group received duct tape treatment and had to wear sticky fixer on the warts for a 6 weeks period - the duct tape covering the wart was changed once a week.

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