Take note that common warts present on the hands can easily spread via contact from one individual to the other.
There are other medical options that one also needs to look at in considering How to get rid of warts on hands. Well, if your answer to this question is yes, then it may be that you already have what is known as common warts (known also as Verruca vulgaris).
The presence of these warts in the hand area result from the fact that a person is contaminated with a strand of HPV out of many strands that exist.

Among which includes home treatments and these usually suffices in treating common warts present on hands, but if this is not working or has not worked. A majority of people are not even aware of the existence of warts in other parts of the body, after having experienced hand warts themselves before. With minor surgery; the process involves cutting off hand warts or eradicating them through electric needle use.
Hand warts are contagious, in the sense that they can be developed through direct contact with a person infected by HPV (Herpes Papilloma Virus).

In addition to this, hand warts can also be caused by cuts in the hands, particularly at the back or near the fingers, as any cut or bruise attracts a skin opening for the virus to enter, thus making it susceptible to warts and other infection. Contracting this infection can happen by using or touching a dirty cloth or towel as well as holding people’s hands.

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