Plantar wart removal can be achieved by several methods including duct tape, acids, cryotherapy such as liquid nitrogen now the facts are that these methods are not very successful to say the least. An newer way to carry out plantar wart removal is with the use of Laser this is a very successful technique and results in a slight blister which eventually dries and falls of thus destroying the wart. This patient presented with 6 areas of plantar warts, all were treated with laser the result was 4 areas gone after the first laser treatment the following treatment resulted in the removal of the other two plantar warts.

The best way to remove plantar warts is with surgical curettage this involves using a local anesthetic and surgically removing the wart.
This patient had tried several removal methods with no success, she was extremely happy with the results and said it was well worth it, she suffered very little discomfort during the whole procedure.

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