Toe Corn, as the name suggests, refers to a specific-shaped callus of dead skin occurring on thin skin surfaces like on the dorsal toe surface, and fingers. The fast acting medicated discs contain salicylic acid to penetrate the soft corns and remove the nucleus.
Scholl Corn Between Toes Removal Pads are specially designed to fit comfortably between toes. When using this product, ensure you read the instructions carefully as salicylic acid should not be used if the area around the corn is inflamed or the skin is broken.

In case there is continuous tissue stimulation emitting the corns even after the corn is removed through surgery, the skin continues to grow as a corn. The medicated disks is placed over the centre of the corn and covered with an adhesive pad. Reducing rubbing motion as well as the pressure can prevent from torn corns to form, by way of taking certain precautions, such as wearing well-fitted shoes, or using protective pads or skin dressings.
Discontinue use and remove dressing if excessive discomfort or irritation is experienced or if sensitivity develops. Caution Do not apply if the area around the corn is inflamed or if the skin is broken.

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