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As my work has required more time at a computer, I have found myself struggling with sore, tired shoulders.
If you start to feel pain in your shoulders, try these tips for fast relief and prevention. Keep a frozen plastic bottle of water in the freezer; while sitting down, stimulate circulation by repeatedly rolling your feet over the bottle. If your feet are still feeling sore the day after activity, check to see if you are pronating excessively.

If you are still sore a few days after the activity, then you should seek further advice from a podiatrist. If I find myself feeling sore repeatedly, I will re-evaluate my work space to make sure it is still encouraging good posture. Make sure your feet rest firmly on the floor while sitting; this allows your legs to support your back. If the pain is a little more persistent, I also take an anti-inflammatory medication such as ibuprofen to provide fast relief.

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