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At first glance, feet with higher arches don’t appear to have any major stresses or serious foot conditions. When someone with high arches walks, certain parts of the soles that should touch the ground don’t do so, and the foot muscles become over stressed.
These orthotics for high arches are made for boots and shoes where there’s very little movement for the ankle and lower leg such as skiing or hunting boots. Orthotics for high arches prevent the foot from turning outward, or over pronating, when you walk. Orthotics for high arches should be marked on them “High Arches”; otherwise, don’t buy them.

These orthotics for high arches have been tested and help prevent the over-stressed muscles that are typically found in feet with high arches.
We started out in 2012 becoming the leading specialists in foot care products, searching high and low for products that actually helped our customers with real problems they had.
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However, engineers testing the bio-mechanics of feet and foot disorders have found there are more underlying issues with high arch feet than many realize.
These hard-boot orthotics for high arches have a dynamic arch cradle that keeps the foot bones aligned and adds a bit of flexibility.

There’s a world of a difference between orthotics (arch support) for flat feet and high arched feet. We do not believe in selling products that do not meet the high standards required to be in our product range. This is why people with high arches should seek out orthotics for high arches to relieve some of the foot fatigue caused from locked bone positions and lack of flexibility. They’re ergonomically built to reduce pain from many foot conditions including arch pain, Achilles tendinitis, arthritis, plantar fasciitis, shin splints, iliotibial band syndrome, knee pain and heel pain.
The CurrexSole BIKEPRO Insoles have even won an award for its design and are labeled as great orthotics for High Arches.

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