The stress that causes heel pain can result from an injury or a bruise incurred while walking, running, or jumping on hard surfaces.
When your feet are not supported correctly, it can lead to Plantar Faciitis, heel spurs and other heel pain syndromes. In some cases an over-the-counter foot support product (Superfeet, Dr Scholl’s, etc.) may offer some relief to heel pain, however these products are also designed for the “average” foot, not an individual’s unique foot.
Other causes of heel pain include wearing footwear that is not constructed well or being overweight. In most cases heel pain can be addressed by using a custom molded orthotic that will support your feet in the correct biomechanical position.

A FootLab custom orthotic is molded directly from the patient’s foot and offers the best combination of correct alignment, support and comfort. Our custom molded orthotics will relieve stress on the heel bone and the soft tissues that attach to it. With all this weight over a life-time of miles it’s understandable that feet get sore, heels hurt and the walking or running gait is compromised. The pain you experience due to these conditions is made worse by shoes that lack proper support. At the core of our product range is the Heel Fix Kit which contains everything you need to begin the path to healthier heels and feet.

To complement the Heel Fix Kit we also offer three other insoles, the Pressure Perfect Insole with extra cushioning for sports, the Silicone Heel Cup to support heels with inadequate fat pads and the 9 to 5 Insole specially designed for ladies high heel shoes.

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