Bunions are a common problem that most people experience as a bony protuberance at the base of the big toe. When a patient has a bunion, the big toe angles in toward the other toes, a condition called hallux valgus. As the big toe becomes more and more angled (pointing toward the other toes), the base of the toe becomes more and more prominent, forming the bunion. Bunion treatment should always start with changing footwear to relieve symptoms and to prevent the bunion from progressing. When bunions cause pain and inflammation, and simple treatment is not effective for relief of symptoms, a surgical procedure may be recommended. The most helpful thing you can do to prevent the formation and the progression of bunions is choose proper footwear. With some of the risks involved with bunion surgeries, a lot of people are considering a bunion treatment without surgery. By the name itself, a non-pharmacological surgery will involve every treatment procedure other than the use of medications or surgery.
Acupuncture is now a popular way for bunion patients to relieve the horrible feeling brought by their deformed foot. Healthy feet are happy feet and one sign that you’re feet might not be too happy are bunions.

Ball massage: To help relieve foot cramping and straining, roll the soles of your feet over a tennis ball or golf ball for two minutes. The bunion forms in part because of the new angle of the toe, and in part due to inflammation over the bunion surface. Shoes with a wide toe-box, minimal slope, and good arch support can help relieve the bunion pain. When simple treatments don’t relieve your symptoms, surgery may be considered for treatment of the bunion. The surgery performed for the treatment of a bunion is aimed at realigning the broken bone so the bunion will not return.
Cortica is a footwear brand focuses on Footbed Technology are some ideas for what you can do when buying and wearing shoes to prevent the progression of bunions.
It’s a type of a Bunion treatment without surgery that mainly involves proper resting periods, proper shoes to wear, etc. It employs the use of needles that are punctured into your pain points which are nerves that makes you feel the pain.
Some of these shoes are meant to restore the alignment of your toe joint, lessening the pain and making walking possible and less strenuous. It may be temporary and not to be done every minute but it’s effective in giving faster relief from the pain.

Many Anti-inflammatory medications work not just to reduce the swelling but also provide pain relief. The large bumps that form on the side of your big toes can be extremely painful and can potentially lead to arthritis. If you have bunions, stretching the toes will help relieve some of the pain and keep them flexible. Some people find that ice application and anti-inflammatory medications can help relieve the inflammation around the bunion. Bunion splints may also be required especially to maintain alignment as you sleep at night. If the pain interferes with daily activities like standing and walking, bunion surgery is an option, but in most cases, surgery isn’t necessary. Irritation of the soft tissues surrounding this part of the foot causes further swelling and pain.

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