TweetSo here we are again reviewing yet another selection of Dr Mercola’s excellent products.
There are clearly many assumptions made with regards to the products that we buy, assumptions about the quality of the products and so in turn the health benefits derived from them. This is sadly far from the truth; I would say that many so called health products are still produced for profit and not with your best interest at heart. This is why I like Dr Mercola’s products, he gets all his thinking and research on the table, he genuinely does take his own supplements and his whole business is based on his reputation for creating excellent quality products that are actually good for you.
So let’s find out from Dr Mercola which supplements he recommends as the most important ones to take every day to maintain optimum health and energy.
One nutrient that can help you do just that is Co Q10.* The problem is your body requires the reduced form of Co Q10 (ubiquinol) to help you limit free radical production. The good news is with the Mercola Premium Select Ubiquinol supplement, you now can have the ubiquinol formula direct… the active form of the Co Q10 nutrient*.

So, you can see why Dr Mercoal has chosen to include Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals to round out the core supplements he recommend you take every day…it’s certainly part of his daily supplement routine. At this point, you’ve discovered why New and Improved Krill Oil, Mercola Premium Select Ubiquinol, Complete Probiotics, Purple Defence, and Multivitamin +Plus Vital Minerals are the top 5 core supplements in the Core 5 healthy formula. As a final point from me on the matter of getting the perfect supplement routine for you and your family I think it’s always important to amplify the point (and I am sure Dr Mercola would agree) that its critical to have a great diet alongside your high quality organic supplements. This entry was posted in Nutrition and holistic lifestyle, Product spotlight and tagged anti aging, digestive health, Dr Mercola, health, nutrition, Omega-3 fatty acids. If you have any products you would like us to stock just let us know and we will look in to getting them. It seems to have become a monthly Mercola product review and it’s quite simply because he does a very good job of explaining why his products are so good and validating their excellence compared to other comparable products.Even if you have not heard of Dr Mercola or have not yet tried any of his products the reviews he writes raises some excellent questions with regard to the products we buy in general. It is good that so many people are trusting as the basis of their nature; however this is of serious disadvantage if we assume that that all fish oils, vitamins, antioxidants and other such products are all of equal nutritional value.

After all, we know that Dr Mercola is opposed to taking supplements that don’t truly complement your healthy diet. If it states that the product does need refrigeration (such as the probiotic) it will insure greater stability of the product.
So I would say yes, its certainly chaper to buy from us (and allot easyer!) than buying straight from the states unless your buying very large volumes of products.

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