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Hello all, I am looking for a foot stretcher but REALLY don't feel like paying 180 dollars for a pro arch.
Dann melden Sie sich bitte mit Ihren Zugangsdaten im Online-Shop an, oder registrieren sich einfach. If anyone has a pro-arch that they do not use or want anymore, that where I come in =p So please, let me know. That's because dancing on their toes in pointe shoes requires incredibly flexible and strong ankles.

While straightening the leg it is possible with Pro-Arch to do movements which align the ankle, knee and hips.Especially in dance, gymnastics, swimming and diving, where for functional and aesthetic reasons a particularly arched foot is most important, Pro-Arch is found to be an invaluable instrument for athletes, dancers and physical therapists. My experience with Pro-Arch has convinced me on its importance and I suggest it for both the amateur and the professional athlete." Dr. Elio Musco, GerontologistAchieve Proper Shape for Beautiful Lines"The Pro Arch is a highly innovative device that will be very much appreciated by the elite professional dancer as well as the average person trying to gain proper flexibility in the arch of there foot. From the point of view of rehabilitation it will become an essential tool to help mold scar tissue of the foot after injuring ligaments.

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