Owwww!!!!With a half-decent fitting pair of shoes or boots, blisters should be a rare phenomenon. The common solution, one I’m adamantly opposed to, is to apply duct tape over the existing blister, or as prevention over a known zone of trouble. One method is to apply a patch of slippery material to the inside of the footwear causing the blister (not the foot).
Once a blister has formed Compeed Blister Block (aka Band-Aid advanced healing patches etc) works a treat. Whether it’s shopping, every day walking, or a night out on the town we get blisters.

When shopping for heels I always make sure there is enough room for me to insert extra padding, even if it means going up half a size bigger.
If they are slightly too big your foot will rub against the sides causing friction…causing blisters.
To prevent that foot from sliding, you may wear the insoles in both feet, but then a heel insert in the smaller foot side too. However, even with good fitting boots backcountry skiers know that occasionally, especially on a long tour, blisters may rear their ugly head. For a blister to form from heat the temperature inside your boot would have to be above 120 degrees F.

Putting Duct Tape over a potential blister zone only increases the friction by increasing the contact with the epidermus via the glue on the tape. Use knee-high nylons and eliminate the sheer forces that cause blisters and get the last laugh on macho men who refuse to listen.There is a simpler solution. Socks are typically the medium that transmits the shear force to your skin, causing the blister.

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