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In the evening before bedtime boil 1 tablespoon chopped laurel leaves and 300 grams of water for 5 minutes. Bunions are a genetic foot deformity in which the big toe joint of the foot is distorted, leading to the toe pointing inwards and the bone protruding.
Treatment is likely to include the prescription of orthotics to help stabilise the joint and slow down further progression of the deformity and sometimes surgical correction may be required. A foot X-ray is organised for you by Christian and often reveals the presence of heel spurs, which are sharp spikes of bony over growth on the bottom of the heel bone. Many ingrown toenails can be treated without the need for surgery, although conservative measures may mean that you need treatment at regular intervals.

Christian can help you to choose the right shoes for your feet, especially for people who stand on their feet a lot at work or those with arthritis. People with diabetes should check their feet daily and have them assessed by a podiatrist at least once a year.
The joint is easily inflamed by pressure, particularly from shoes, and can be very painful.
Examination of the joints and muscles in the foot and leg and checking of posture will show that individuals will have a unique structure that affects the walking pattern. This will include the prescription of orthotics which are made from a precise plaster cast taken of your foot, to prop the foot bones and control foot motion during gait.

In order for you to see this page as it is meant to appear, we ask that you please re-enable your Javascript! They are due to angina, bad metabolism, improper diet, flu, rheumatic infections and bad shoes. Your treatment will also include advice on the type of footwear suitable for you and in some extreme cases assess the need for orthotics to reduce excessive weight bearing forces on the foot.

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