When I was a new nurse one of my clinical instructors told me the thing I should spend the most on (besides a really good stethoscope), that I should take my time on and be the most careful about was choosing my shoes that I wore to work. There are shoes that are made for jobs like ours, for people that are on their feet all day. Dansko clogs and some of their other shoes carry the American Podiatric Medical Associations (APMA) Seal of Acceptance. New balance shoes are very popular with CNAs and Nurses for their general 'comfortable-ness' while working and being on their feet for loooooooong periods.

Finding the right shoes might take awhile and good shoes also tend to cost more but they will be so worth it. She said that even though good shoes cost more they’d be worth it in the short term for less sore feet at the end of the day, and in the long run, for healthier feet and back, and they'd last longer. Shoes that help decrease or get rid of the pain of aching feet, help your posture and can even help your knees or your back feel better. That means that podiatrists or foot doctors have determined that they promote healthy foot function.

We recommend looking for a shoe with the American Podiatric Medical Associations (APMA) Seal of Acceptance.
Then you know the shoe has been tested and meets their criteria and that they will be good for your feet.

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