Prescribed Orthotics (orthoses) are custom-made shoe inserts which are used to treat a variety of foot problems, including bursitis, plantar fasciitis, and tendinitis, as well as flat feet, diabetic foot ulcers, and pain in the heel, ankle and foot. Custom shoe inserts, also known as prescription custom orthoses, are devices made specifically for your feet, designed to support and comfort them. Although orthotics usually cost more than the shoe inserts you might purchase in a retail store, they are well worth it.
This research has suggested some of the more simple solutions to preventing foot and heel pain include ensuring your shoe fits you properly with a firm fastening, such as laces, to choose shoes with shock absorbent soles and supportive heels, and shoe inserts professionally fitted by your podiatrist can help support your feet in the long term.
Taking footwear innovation to your everyday life, Vionic footwear offers podiatrist-designed support that is seamlessly built into every pair for premium comfort paired with contemporary style. Clinical studies and research have shown an improvement in function and a decrease in pain with the use of custom shoe inserts. Although there is a chance these mass-manufactured inserts may help in certain situation for certain individuals, the danger is the alternative.

Flat feet, overpronation, underpronation, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendinitis and metatarsalgia will all need a different prescription insert. These inserts may be used to treat injuries like tendinitis or shin splints; and they are also used to treat pain caused by abnormal motion. When you buy FRANKiE4, you are buying a shoe that is designed by a Podiatrist and Physiotherapist (one who also has fashion sense), who has taken these factors into account. Podiatrists diagnose and treat diseases, disorders, and injuries of the foot and lower leg.
Using advanced technology, the podiatrist will be able to assess the movement and function of your lower extremities, will listen carefully to your concerns, and answer any questions you may have.
Accommodative inserts are used to treat painful calluses under the foot, diabetic foot ulcers, and other conditions that cause pain and discomfort. Before the your custom inserts can be created, your podiatrist will conduct a complete evaluation of, not only your feet, but also your legs and ankles.

Podiatrists design custom-made shoes, design plaster casts and strappings to correct deformities, and fit corrective shoe inserts called orthotics. Podiatrists may specialize in board-certified specialties such as primary care, orthopedics, surgery, or public health. Podiatrists must be licensed, requiring an education level of 3 to 4 years of undergraduate education, completion of a 4-year podiatric college program, and passing scores on state and national examinations.

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