Flat warts, Flat warts are smooth, flat warts that occur most commonly on the face, legs and areas that are shaved regularly.. Wart - wikipedia, free encyclopedia, A wart is a small, rough growth resembling a cauliflower or a solid blister. Common warts are skin growths which are caused by human papilloma virus which are commonly growing on the hands and fingers and predominantly affect the young adults and children population.
Typically, warts located on the hands vary in color from flesh to tan, or from white to pinkish. Warts found growing on the hands and fingers are harmless, thus they don’t require any treatment.

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Traditionally, the way for removing common warts include freezing them through cryosurgery or burning them off, Cantharidin application, minor surgical removal and laser surgery, however, these methods are very expensive, leave permanent scars and do not guarantee that these warts won’t recur.
A majority of people are not even aware of the existence of warts in other parts of the body, after having experienced hand warts themselves before.
Cutting the warts open may result to bleeding and may perhaps reveal black spots termed as wart seeds which are in fact, small blood vessels which have already clotted. It is important not to clip the wart as it might spread the virus to other region of the body when it breaks open.

Hand warts are contagious, in the sense that they can be developed through direct contact with a person infected by HPV (Herpes Papilloma Virus). If a child has warts, it is good to cover his hands with cloth or bandage to prevent him from pulling the warts out. In addition to this, hand warts can also be caused by cuts in the hands, particularly at the back or near the fingers, as any cut or bruise attracts a skin opening for the virus to enter, thus making it susceptible to warts and other infection.

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