Plantar warts are most common over the ball and ridge of your foot - the front pressure pads of your feet.
All the above wart treatments are more effective if combined with shaving down the dead skin above warts between treatments to reach the deeper infected tissue.
Plantar warts may infect the bottom of the foot they are caused by a virus which infects the epidermis (the top layer of skin). Warts are a special interest of ours and we have a very high resolution rate with these if you suffer from this problem we will probably will be able to help. Plantar warts are causes by Human papillomavirus (HPV).  Around 10% of the population will have a plantar wart. Plantar Warts SymptomsPlantar Warts causes pain and discrete raise bump on the bottom of the foot.

Plantar Warts Treatment Plantar Warts can be diagnosed based on a detailed history, and physical exam performed by an orthopaedic surgeon, foot surgeon or sports medicine specialist. Plantar Warts Risk FactorsPlantar Warts are associated the using public showers and locker rooms. Plantar Warts OutcomesPlantar Warts generally resolve on their own or respond well to treatment.  Recurrence of plantar warts is very common. Application of duct tape continuously for a couple weeks is a simple plantar wart remedy from home. These oils or compounds typically use naturally occurring astringents to alter wart conditions to unfavorable for HPV. There are about 120 kinds of virus present out of which few are responsible for these warts.

Many people's immune system can clear warts within a year without any help but some people find it very difficult to do so.
Some people keep their wart covered with duct tape or adhesive tape to try to make it go away. If your wart is painful or does not go away, you may need to receive treatments from our doctor. The warts are located on the bony parts like ball of the foot or in the heels which receives the total pressure of the body.

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