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You know I’ve heard of using apple cider vinegar for an array of other home remedies, but never warts. Get yourself an O-ring (plastic or metal), put the O-ring on your foot, put a piece of juicy garlic inside the O-ring then cover with a small piece of banana preferably the size of the O-ring. Do a Google search or Youtube search on using crushed garlic and banana peel for planters warts. So I have had 2 verrucas on my foot, one about the size of a 10pence coin on the ball of my foot, followed by a smaller but more painful one on the opposite edge of my foot. I have a planter wart, I had it cut out, it come back with a vengeance I tried the duct tape and after 2 weeks I was still In so much pain I went back to dr. That being said^, I have had a plantar’s wart on the ball of my left foot for over 10 years now, about the size of a pencil eraser. On another note, not everyone will experience pain with the ACV but if you do, know that it is normal.
I had a total of 3 on my foot.I had 2 on the toes and one on the ball of my foot which was the most painful.

The main one that was causing the most pain on the ball of my foot took 2 doctors visits to get it to go away and it was about a 7.5 on the pain scale. Freezing won’t get rid of warts, and is particularly bad on plantars, as they are so deep in the foot. Pete, an avid athlete, was scheduled to participate in a triathelon but had to back out at the last minute due to the pain from a new Plantar wart.
Vinegar is ok on topical warts but, planters warts ie Verruca which is essentially a HPV infection needs something stronger and garlic is the right thing. I tried this wart stick stuff for about three months, these foot pad medicine things, put duct tape on it, and frozen it off. Best if done out of the shower when foot is probably as clean as it’s going to get but make sure your foot is dry otherwise good luck getting anything to adhere.
Plantar’s warts, or any warts in general create their own little nervous systems and veins and the more deeply embedded they are with your skin (depending on depth and how old they are)the more pain will be present as the ACV kills them off. Plantar warts may cause pain when you walk, and you may feel like you are stepping on a pebble.

The garlic will kill the planter’s wart and the banana will allow you to peel away the callus around the wart. So If I were you I would go to a foot surgeon if the wart is really bad as the one you’re describing. My Plantars wart has wreaked havoc on the ball of my right foot for nearly 6 years, tried Dr.
I finally started using tweesers to pull out the tiny string-like things coming from it.After I had plucked the last one, my wart was gone, and no longer painful. As the ACV (in conjunction with the oxygen starvation of the duct tape) really started to work, it DID become more painful but it is worth it. Remember, keep that foot dry and throw away your favorite shoes that you wear (a lot) without your socks!!

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