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There are several over-the-counter products that contain salicylic acid that have been found to effectively treat a Plantar wart. If you look at some night moisturizers that are on the market today, some of them contain Retinol, which can be an effective Plantars wart home remedy. For those who use Thyme oil over the period of a couple weeks, they have found that the Plantar wart is attracted to the surface of the foot as they continually slough off the dead skin cells around the wart. By cushioning your foot and using one of these Plantars wart home remedies, you can help to relieve the pain you’re experiencing right now and get onto the road toward recovery.

The goal of applying duct tape to the wart is for you to seal off the oxygen supply to the area. Simply apply the night moisturizers to the wart at night before you go to bed and you will likely see results within a couple weeks.
You must soak your foot for about 20 minutes first, then gently scrub away the dead skin tissues around the wart.
When the wart doesn’t have a chance to grow or thrive, it will eventually starve and die.

For extremely sore warts, you may wish to consider applying the cream in the morning when you wake up as well.
It can take several weeks for this method to work, so be patient with your wart and you may eventually find success.

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