Plantar warts often heal through the body’s own immune system, but most people prefer to be proactive in an attempt to clear them up quickly. Because plantar warts are often located on weight-bearing areas of the foot, they can grow deep into the skin and be quite painful.
HPV enters the body through cuts or breaks in the skin, but doesn’t always develop into a wart because the immune system may kill the virus.
Techs should be very careful with implements and foot baths after servicing a client with plantar warts.

However, there are times when conditions are perfect for the virus, and the virus begins to grow — and warts develop. The hypothesis of why duct tape works is that the irritation caused by the tape may stimulate the body’s immune system to fight off the wart. Doctors remove warts by using an acid solution stronger than the one available over-the-counter, plus they are able to shave the skin that has been destroyed from the acid.
While at-home remedies have proven to be effective, when techs see plantar warts on clients with diabetes or circulation problems, they should refer them to a doctor for treatment.

Doctors administer liquid nitrogen to the site of the wart, and within a few days the dead skin peels away. Laser surgery can also be used to remove plantar warts, but because of the expense, many doctors shy away from it.

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