A wart is an infection caused by a virus, which can invade your skin through small cuts or breaks. One common way is cryocautery, which involves freezing the wart with liquid nitrogen or another agent.
They can grow up to an inch or more across, occurring alone (solitary) or with smaller warts clustered nearby (mosiac). Henry treats your warts, protect your feet from future infection by keeping them clean and dry.

A wart is most commonly seen on the bottom of the foot (plantar wart), but can also appear on the top.
Henry would first remove the layers of dead skin which the body has formed over the wart to protect against irritation, then apply liquid nitrogen with a cotton swab or another applicator. Children, teens, and people with allergies or weakened immune systems are more vulnerable to the wart virus.
Often a second application, some days after the first is required and occasionally, several treatments are necessary -- when warts particularly deep or when several wart clusters are present.

If left untreated, warts can spread to other parts of the foot or even to the hands or other areas of the body.

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