Plantar warts can sometimes develop nerve endings within the lesion this results in a very painful plantar wart.
Plantar warts get in to the bottom of the foot through typically some sort of micro trauma. Research on different forms of plantar wart treatment will yield many suggested forms of  treatment. As a professional who specialises in plantar wart treatment we look for a treatment method that has the following qualities. It must cause minimal pain to the patient whilst the plantar wart treatment process is in progress. He is a 35 year old male he presented with one plantar wart on the Left foot behind the great toe the wart has had plantar wart treatment before as follows. He went to a Podiatrist and had the wart burnt with a solution of Salicylic Acid for several months there was no noticeable result and in fact the plantar wart became more painful. He then decided to seek a second opinion and went to a second Podiatrist he was treated further with more acid treatment and again there was no result. He then decided to visit a General Practitioner who initially froze the plantar wart with liquid nitrogen after several months when there was still no result he decided to apply more acid to the area suggesting it was “almost gone” but a month later it was still there and causing pain.

This patient was very sceptical after spending a considerable amount of both time and money to find a plantar wart treatment that worked. We initially asked the patient to return in 1 week as the wart was badly damaged with the continual use of acid this time allowed the Wart to dry out. If you are suffering from Plantar Warts visit the experts in plantar wart treatment first and save yourself a lot of heartache. Verrucas (also known as plantar warts) are warts or small lesions occurring on the soles of the foot.
Patients find it extremely difficult to carry on their normal day to day activities without almost constant pain.
Walking barefoot on the pavement is enough to develop the micro trauma that will enable the Human Papilloma Virus to inoculate the foot with a plantar wart.
Some of these methods include duct tape, acids, freezing with liquid nitrogen, banana skin and the list just goes on and on. Plantar wart treatment should commence as early as possible otherwise the plantar warts may spread and grow in size making any form of treatment more difficult.
Further spread of the Verrucas or Plantar Warts can be prevented by covering them with plasters when swimming, avoiding walking barefoot and sharing of towels etc.

Some patients will get this micro trauma from the non-slip surface around swimming pools and this is also a good place to be inoculated with the plantar wart virus.
After 9 short weeks the Plantar Wart resolved there was no further pain from this lesion, the patient was extremely happy. As other people with warts already on their feet will slough small bits of tissue infected with the wart virus the combination of micro trauma and infected tissue leads to the development of Plantar Warts.
There are small black dots present on the surface of the Verrucas or Plantar Warts which are blood vessels. Verrucas or Plantar Warts are spread through direct skin to skin contact to other parts of body or to other people.

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