Baxter’s neuropathy is entrapment of a local nerve under the heel by the plantar fascia.
You’ve probably come to the realization that a lot more goes into the diagnosis and treatment of plantar fasciosis than you once thought. Can I ask: The onset of my foot symptoms coincided with a new and intensive treatment regime for CFS which included huge doses of B12 and magnesium by injection, as well as a slew of other dietary supplements.
A 2013 study in the medical journal, Skeletal Radiology, found degenerative changes via diagnostic ultrasound in the plantar fascia at various areas of the foot including the insertion (heel) and non insertional sites (other attachment points on the foot). The application here is that multiple different paths all lead to the same end result of plantar fasciosis.

For example, a recent post we found had recommendations for ice, Motrin, and stretching for a woman in her mid 30’s with a 4-5 month history of bilateral (both sided) plantar fasciosis that had not seen a medical or allied health provider.
Heel spurs tend to hurt at the end of the day as opposed to plantar fasciosis which hurts after periods of rest including first thing in the morning. The posterior tibial nerve can be stretched, compressed or entrapped leading to referred pain in the heel that is not due to plantar fasciosis. Plantar fasciosis and stress fractures have the location of pain as similar, but stress fractures differ in the the intensity of pain combined with the reports of worse with increased activity and hard surfaces. Biopsies performed at the time of surgery combined with diagnostic ultrasound studies show long standing degenerative changes to the tissues of the plantar fascia WITHOUT INFLAMMATION.

Maybe, the treatment should focus on the pathway to get to plantar fasciosis rather than treating the plantar fasciosis itself. Plantar fasciosis is described as dull, aching pain at rest that turns to sharp and stabbing pain when transitioning up and walking the first couple steps.

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