Orthotic insoles offer great value for anyone and not just those with heel pain, Achilles tendonitis or other related foot issues. When looking for the perfect plantar fasciitis insoles, you want to make sure that they fit a few certain criteria. A good orthotic insole is one of the first treatment options given to you by your healthcare professional, and for good reason – they work. Another study to determine the clinical efficacy of foot orthoses in the treatment of plantar fasciitis concluded that, a group assigned to wear functional (versus accommodative) orthotics had experienced significant decrease in foot pain and an increase in foot function after only 4 weeks. Note: As mentioned, the most popular Superfeet insole by far is the Green model, which was originally introduced in 1977. The Syono Gel insoles were constructed with comfort in mind and come recommended by several plantar fasciitis sufferers.

The Polysorb Total is branded as Spenco’s best replacement insole due to its stability and support. The Sorbothane brand is a renowned producer of insoles specifically for the sport market, which means their Graphite Arch inserts have been designed specifically for those that spend considerable amount of time on their feet at work or during activity. As you can see, there are many options available for your insert needs, but these are the ones we rated as the best plantar fasciitis insoles specifically… as well as for related foot issues, like flat feet or high arches. This is especially helpful for those with plantar fasciitis looking to improve their condition. Some companies spend more to market to a specific category – such as those people with bunions, diabetic foot ulcers or plantar fasciitis. It has helped many desperate plantar fasciitis sufferers, however, is recommended for those with mid-to-high arches (though the sheer number of customers lends some credibility to overall satisfaction).

Air chambers in the heel and arch, as well as Polymer Gel in the forefoot, aid in shock absorption and make this one of the better sport insole options on the market. Every one of the inserts listed above has been highly rated by other plantar fasciitis sufferers. Since insoles are in direct contact with your feet all day, every day, they tend to wear down quicker and you may need to invest in another pair sooner rather than later. This insert is also ideal for alleviating the pain associated with plantar fasciitis, as evidenced by many satisfied customers.

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