Those that have suffered shin soreness due to flat feet, fallen arches, or Plantar Fasciitis , will know that it can be a painful condition affecting the tissue in the foot arch that connects the heel bone and toes. Plantar fasciitis treatment can take a few different forms such as orthotics and taping, one technique that can assist recovery is plantar fasciitis taping.
So I would like to share with you a great plantar fasciitis strapping technique in the video below, which shows how to apply Rigid Strapping Tape to the foot arch.

When taping the feet to support the plantar fascia, remember not to tape the anchor to tight, as it will prevent the proper foot movement and will become uncomfortable for the athlete. It is also important when applying the figure-8’s and lateral strips, to apply good tension, keeping in mind that you want to pull the arch up for support.

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