Felt callus pads absorb pressure and friction to ease pain and help prevent callus build-up. Uniqueness of product: as all of our products the uniqueness if that the pads are available in the quantities that you want.
Epitact patch for calluses made with Epithelium 26 alleviates pressure from the painful callus area for pain relief.
Purple Gel Oval Callus Cushion Pad relieves pain associated with callus, wart, or any sore area. This is a removable pad, which alleviates plantar fasciitis pain caused by pressure under the ball of the foot. Periodic paring (debridement) of a hard corn can help to reduce the thickness of the callus. Relieve rubbing, pinching, cramping and pain between toes associated with corns and calluses with our Soft Corn Pads.

The u-shaped portion surrounds the painful callus and reduces pain by transferring pressure from the callus to the cushion. The pad is often used to shift pressure off of painful callus, warts, prominence of bone on foot or heel. The plantar wart is recognized by its location only on the bottom of the foot, its tenderness, and the interruption of the footprint pattern.
The self-adhesive dressing relieves pain caused by friction and pressure on sensitive calluses and hard skin. Carefully seperate pad from paper backing adn apply by placing the opening over the callus or tender spot. The formation of callus as a response to friction is initially considered to be a helpful, protective response.
Choosing the correct pad depends upon three things; (1) the location of the corn or callus (2) the type of shoe in which you intend to wear the pad and (3) the activity you plan to participate in while wearing the pad.

Conservative care is very successful treating corns and callus but does require ongoing care of the problem.
Todd's Learning Center to read more about prevention and treatment of calluses or browse our full selection of treatment solutions.
The terms corn and callus can be used interchangeably, but classically, a corn is a build up of skin on the tops or sides of one or more toes while a callus is an area of thickened skin on the bottom of the foot or heel.

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