For Apara, Arch Angels, Birkenstock, New Balance, Oofos, Pedag, Powerstep, Prothotics, Sof Sole, Sole, Spenco Insoles, Superfeet, UGG, and more. The Pedag Viva Leather Orthotic Insoles & Extra Large Viva's offer a full length vegetable tanned Leather covered Arch Support that helps to gently shape your foot for anatomically correct positioning to insure proper foot arch function.
Walk in Comfort with Pedag Leather Viva Orthotic Arch Support Insoles & Extra-Large Viva's. Sturdy Arch Support Bridge for the longitudinal arch plus a Metatarsal Pad for the forefoot.

RECOMMENDED for the prevention and relief from Plantar Fasciitis, Arch Pain, Achilles Tendonitis, Heel Spurs, Forefoot Pain and other foot disorders.
The Extra-Large Pedag Viva Leather Orthotic Insoles are priced higher due costs incurred for Men's Size 16, 17, & 18. Check out all our Orthotic Arch Supports, Pedag Leather Insoles or every available Pedag Insoles Today!
Dealing with Mortons Neuroma and am now having to wear inserts daily and I found these Pedag Viva Insoles to be very comfortable and effective.

I stand on cement floors and I wanted to try pedag before spending money on custom made orthotics by my podiatrist or the surgeries.

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