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This insole is ideal for people that suffer from sensitive skin as it reduces friction that can cause corns and calluses. The insoles even go as far as to help people that suffer from serious conditions such as Raynaud's Disease. On top of keeping your feet warm, Alu Astro Insoles are designed to wick away sweat and also prevent odours from affecting your feet.Features and Benefits of Pedag Alu Astro InsolesPedag knows that there is a difference between comfortable, cosy warmth and an unpleasant heat that causes discomfort and sweating. This, in turn, helps to reduce rawness and irritation of your foot and means that your shoes have a greater level of comfort and less fatigue.By distributing your weight more evenly across your foot, Sensitive Insoles help to prevent one area becoming over-burdened.

This graphic illustrates the multi-layered design of the Pedag Alu Astro Insoles, which is the secret to ensuring that your feet are at their optimal temperature. This helps to prevent excessive friction within your shoe and lessens the chance of developing conditions such as calluses, corns and heel fissures.With a light and flexible design, the Pedag Sensitive can be used with most shoes in a discreet and comfortable manner. Simply add the insoles into the shoe you wish to modify and you can achieve the best results.Sizing of the Pedag Sensitive InsolesAvailable in 11 sizes, we stock a range of Pedag Sensitive Insoles that should be suitable for most conventional foot sizes.
Sandwiched in the middle of the insole is a high-tech foam that has been designed to effectively protect your feet against the cold of the ground.The surface of the Alu Astro features a special fibre that has been manufactured to absorb moisture created by the foot as well as keeping your feet pleasantly warm.

The insoles aid in allowing your foot to breath, promoting comfort and good foot health.Sizing of the Pedag Alu Astro InsolesAvailable in 13 sizes, these insoles allow both men and women to find an insole that will fit securely within his or her shoe.

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